[Personal exhibition]

“The Purple Line”

MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Roma (Italy)

22.10.2021 – 06.03.2022

Photos: here / Infos: here / Text: here


[Collective exhibition]

“Ich wollte nie eine konstruktivistin sein! Verschollene Collagen von Hannah Höch”

Kunstverein Pforzheim im Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim (Germany) – Infos: here

23.10.2021 – 18.02.2022

Work: “Easycollage n°10”, 2014


[Collective exhibition]

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Helga de Alvear

Cáceres (Spain) – Infos: here

Opening 26.2.2021

Work: “Power Tools”, 2007



Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS)

Fellowship 2020-2021

Infos: here




[Collective exhibition]

“CRAZY La follia nell’arte contemporanea”

Chiostro del Bramante, Rome (Italy)

Opening February 18, 2022

Work: “Break-Through n°5”, 2013




A logbook of texts, drawings, letters, emails and notes tracking the development of Hirschhorn’s thinking.

This 400-page volume compiles writings by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn (born 1957) from the start of his career to the present, arranged chronologically.

PUBLISHER : La Fábrica / Bombas Gens Centre d’Art – BOOK FORMAT : Paperback, 8.5 x 11.75 in. / 400 pgs / 400 bw. – Pub Date 4/5/2022

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