• Schema Art/Public Space (2016-2022) and Nietzsche-Map, with Marcus Steinweg (2003), Exhibition “​How Language Invents the World”, Museum of Fine Arts, Chur

  • Flat Daddy – John Heartfield (2008), Exhibition “1000 … miles to the edge – Kasper König Donation”, Museum Ludwig, Cologne

  • Power Tools (2007), Helga de Alvear Museum, Cáceres

  • The World (Chat poster) (2020), Galerie Chantal Crousel Paris



“Masterful Attention Seekers” – Sat., March 16 – Sun., July 7, 2024 – Busan MoCA, South Korea

Masterful Attention Seekers will explore, in a variety of contexts, the themes of attention seekers and attention-seeking behavior as symptoms that have come to dominate our society, and further categorizing the varying characteristics of attention seeking throughout the history of art. Through this exhibition, we will encounter several (highly selective) instances in which new norms have been subtly and elegantly established within art and aesthetics. Building upon these cases, the intention is to develop theories that aid in understanding attention seeking by offering some hypothetical and preliminary analyses.


*We imagined each of the 23 artists as a brand and gave them their own identity. Reflecting the personalities of the artists and the nature of their works, these logos embody the fad of attention seekers and attention seeking behavior where everyone has become a brand.

Participating Artists:
Dew Kim, Sung Neung Kyung, Shin Min, Shin Shin, Lee Kanghyuk, Lee Moka, WONJEONG DEPARTMENT STORE, Cho Young Nam·Kwon Siwoo, Jang Jintaeg, Maco, Contemporary Arts Meme, Culture Commune, Ana Mendieta, Chris Burden, Christine Tien Wang, Darko Maver, Eva & Franco Mattes, Georgie Nettell, Guarionex Rodriguez Jr., Juliana Huxtable, Piero Manzoni, Thomas Hirschhorn


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“Fake it, Fake it – till you Fake it.” – Gladstone Gallery New York, 2024​” – Photos David Regen