Thomas Hirschhorn

‘Zoom-Lecture’ : “Kunst heilt! Kunst hilft! Kunst stärkt! Kunst schützt! Kunst widersteht!”

14.4.2021, 18h30 / hosted by Aargauer Kunsthaus (Switzerland)

Link to Youtube video : here

Visit of the exhibition “21 ans Deleuze Monument” by Thomas Hirschhorn. Pôle Culturel et Associatif de Saint-Chamand, Avignon (France), April 2, 2021.

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Since the beginning of the set-up of my work “Community of Fragments” in GL Strand Copenhagen, I am making every day a new video, in order to document the progress of the work.
The first video was made on Sunday the 24th of January (Day 0), the second video on the 25th (Day 1), and I will continue to make a video every day until the work is completed. The videos will be published on my Youtube channel (link here) and on this website.
The exhibition “Community of Fragments” in GL Strand Copenhagen is due to open on Thursday the 11th of February (or a later date, depending on the Covid-19 situation in Denmark).
«Simone Weil-Map», 2020

“Simone Weil-Map”, 2020. Studio view. 250 x 450 cm (photo: Marc Domage)