“Big Resonance Chamber” (2005)

I cut out a picture from a magazine as a printed matter, the picture was taken few days after the fall of Bagdad. A house is burning in the  back and on the street in front of the house two persons, an adult and a child (perhaps a father with his son), are pushing a little truck with some goods. They are saving some personal goods or they are carrying home some goods that they looted. They are both looking at the camera, it’s not a dramatic or a spectacular picture.

I wanted to give a big resonance to this picture, but I wanted to give also a resonance to all pictures, the other pictures, the possible pictures, the non-seen pictures, I wanted to give an universal importance to this picture and an universal importance to all pictures, I wanted to give form to what can be behind this picture and what can be behind all pictures, I wanted to give form to what goes beyond this picture, what goes beyond all pictures. Every picture is important, every picture can be important and no picture is less important.

I did build a structure that is a sculpture to turn around, which holds a resonance chamber. A big resonance chamber. This chamber, as the resonance chamber of a musical instrument, wants to give resonance to the picture, wants to give it space, intensity, depth, power, reverberation, body, duration, amplification.

T.H. 2005