“Energy = Yes! Quality = No! (Critical Workshop)”

Edition: Bombas Gens Centre d’Art

Published: 2023

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“Autobiography” – Thomas Hirschhorn, 2022

ninth issue of the series “Autobiography”.

Edition of 500 copies

17×12 cm, 64 pages

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“V.C.R.T.”, 2022

Published by La Fábrica, Madrid / Bombas Gens Centre d’Art, Valencia

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“The Purple Line”, 2021

Catalog published at the occasion of the exhibition “The Purple Line” at Maxxi, Roma, 2021

Published by Nero Editions. Infos : here

“Community of Fragments” Newspaper

This Newspaper is a free publication, part of the exhibition “Community of Fragments” of Thomas Hirschhorn at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Copenhagen, from February 11th to April 11th 2021.

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“Thomas Hirschhorn – Robert Walser-Sculpture”

Ed. Kathleen Bühler, Schweizer Plastikausstellung Biel, text(s) by Kathleen Bühler, Ann Cotten, Julia Gelshorn, Mara Genschel, José Gsell, Wiebke Hahn, Thomas Hirschhorn, Anna Kowalska, Roman Luterbacher, Michael Otto, Gabriela Pereira, Nono G. Petlane, Jean-Pierre Rochat, Armin Senser, Marcus Steinweg, Jules Sturm, by (photographer) Enrique Munoz Garcia, graphic design by Barbara Ehrbar Biel

German, English, French

Published by Hatje Cantz, 2020

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Thomas Hirschhorn, Julie Enckell Julliard


Published by JRP Ringier and Musée Jenisch, Vevey, Switzerland, 2018

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“What can I learn from you. What can you learn from me.”

(Critical Workshop)

Edited by Remai Modern, Saskatoon, Canada, 2018

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Free leaflet published at the occasion of the exhibition “Re-Sculpt” at Ming Contemporary Museum, Shanghai, 2018

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 “Destruction is difficult. Indeed it is as difficult as Creation.“ (Antonio Gramsci)

Thomas Hirschhorn Künstler/innenbuch

Published at the occasion of the exhibition “Never Give Up The Spot” at Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, 2018

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Catalog published at the occasion of the exhibition “Pixel-Collage” at The National Gallery of Kosovo, Pristina, 2018

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“Une volonté de faire”

Thomas Hirschhorn, Sally Bonn

Editions Macula, Paris, 2015

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“Gramsci Monument”

Dia Art Foundation and Koenig Books, London, 2015

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Free brochure published as part of the work “Diachronic-Pool”,  in the exhibition “Metamatic Reloaded” at Museum Tinguely, Basel, 2013

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“Critical Laboratory”

The Writings of Thomas Hirschhorn

Edited by Lisa Lee and Hal Foster

October Books – The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2013

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“Kurt Schwitters-Plattform. Untere Kontrolle”

Published by Sprengel Museum Hannover and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, at the occasion of the exhibitions “Kurt Schwitters-Plattform” and “Untere Kontrolle”, Hannover, 2012

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Establishing a Critical Corpus

Thomas Hirschhorn, Claire Bishop, Sebastian Egenhofer, Hal Foster, Manuel Joseph, Yasmil Raymond, Marcus Steinweg

Editions JRP-Ringier, Zürich, 2011

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“It’s Burning Everywhere”

Published by Kunsthalle Mannheim and Kehrer Verlag Berlin at the occasion of the exhibition “It’s Burning Everywhere”, 2011

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“Exhibiting Poetry Today: Manuel Joseph”

Published by CNEAI and Editions Xavier Barral, Paris, 2010

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“Too Too-Much Much”, MDD 10

Published at the occasion of the exhibition “Too Too-Much Much”, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (Belgium), 2010

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“The Subjecters”

Published at the occasion of the exhibition “The Subjecters” at Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2009

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“Das Auge”

Brochure published at the occasion of the exhibition “Das Auge” at the Secession, Wien, 2008

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Published at the occasion of the exhibition “Ur-Collage” at Galerie Susanna Kulli, Zürich, 2008





Free brochure published as part of the exhibition “UTOPIA, UTOPIA = ONE WORLD, ONE WAR, ONE ARMY, ONE DRESS.” at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Boston, 2005, and the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, 2006


“Musée Précaire Albinet”

(dir. Yvane Chapuis)

Published by Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers and Editions Xavier Barral, Paris, 2005

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“Thomas Hirschhorn”

(Contemporary Artists Series)

Edited by Phaidon Press, 2004


“Bataille Maschine”

Edited by Merve Verlag, Berlin, 2003

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“Deleuze Monument”

Self-edited, Aubervilliers, 2000





“Les plaintifs, les bêtes, les politiques”

Original edition by the Centre genevois de gravure contemporaine, Geneva, 1995 / Facsimile edited by the Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, 2017

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“Bulletin N°2”

Paris, Mars 1991 / 21 x 15cm / Published by the artist

“Special Anti Le Pen”

1990 / 28,5 x 20,5cm / 500 exemplaires / Published by XY, Paris

“Ni noir ni blanc”

May 1987 / 29,7 x 21cm / Published by the artist with Rencontre Nationale contre l’Apartheid and Conseil Général du Val de Marne.