Concerning «Blow down» (2001)

« Blow down » is a series of works that I began in 1996, and that I will end now in 2001.

« Blow down » is a sculpture in a space, set up on horses, on a very high table, people must circulate completely around it.

« Blow down » has to be set on a very high table at a height of 1,30m minimum.

« Blow down » shows a large scale space, big white walls, minimum interior, no decoration, sober floor, like a white cube exhibition space. On the walls are hanging original works of mine on paper, made at the same time as the « Blow down ». These works on paper, original works, are quite small. « Blow down », as indicated by the name, is not a reduction of an art show, because the works exhibited are of original scale. The exhibition space is reduced to enlarge visually the works on the wall. I refuse to physically blow up my work. I have to reduce the space to make the work seem very big. It is a critic of the attitude and tendancy to blow up work and video projections.

– 1996 : « 4 expositions virtuelles »

First work of the serie made was in Saint-Nazaire, France (12ème atelier du FRAC des Pays de la Loire). Destroyed this work by burning. Filmed this artistic action with video. Pictures published in the Art Press special issue n°21 « Oublier l’exposition »(photos by Pierre Leguillon).

– 1997 : integrated « Blow down » in « Sculptur Sortier Station »

Made this « Blow down » originally in the Skulptur Projekt in Münster. Now beeing shown in Paris, métro Stalingrad as acquisition of the Centre Georges Pompidou.

– 1998 : « Blow down »

Made for group show called « My sorcière bien-aimée » at the Yvon Lambert Gallery in Paris, with neon lights.

– 2000 : « Video Blow down »

With 5 integrated videos on the same principle as the previous « Blow down ».

– 2001 : « Art Center 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8 (Blow down) »

Made 8 last « Blow down » with neon lights.