“STAND-IN” (2004)

The McDonald stands (Stand-In) for the global idea of success or the global failure. This is because the exhibition space will be made in a poor “McDonald” style. Not in a realistic “McDonald” style but a poor “McDonald” style.

The work Stand-In is an exhibition in a poor “McDonald” style made space. In this space, the exhibition shows the absolute will to the success of fashion and the absolute will of the success of war. Now weakened, the world of fashion and war gives over to absolute failure. The failure of life. The failure is the consequence of the will of success; the greater the will of success, the greater the failure. I will try work this with in the opposition of War and Fashion

The integrated texts by Marcus Steinweg are an important part of the exhibition. The texts will expose another part of the problem of failure: the beauty of failure doesn’t exit—failure has never had any beauty at all!

Aubervilliers – 09.04.2004