CAVEMANMAN Pre-Project (2002)

My project for the exhibition at Barbara Gladstone Gallery is called Cavemanman. The gallery space will be entirely transformed into a cave. Passageways leading into smaller or larger cave rooms will organize the gallery space. This will be accomplished with wood structures supporting taped cardboard. This cave will contain elements of work and reflections of a “caveman”. The “caveman” is still using or has already used this space to retire from the world and to confront his obsession: the thought of, 1 Man = 1 Man. He is convinced of this obsessive thought, but he is unable to find the affirmation of this thought in the world outside. So, he decides to retire and build his own alternative proposition for the equality of humans everywhere. What the public will see is the work he has been doing to construct his thought: 1 Man = 1 Man. I will ask Hamza Walker from Chicago to write integrated texts for my project. These texts are part of the work and have the same obession.

Thomas Hirschhorn, Aubervilliers, 28.03.2002