“Drift Topography” (2003)

“Drift Topography” is a wandering landscape, something confused, it is a model made from the  inextricable situation a region find themself in the world (irak and neighbourhood)  at this moment, it is about the actuality and about the history, “drift topography” is a operation-topography who doesn’t and can’t work because it is made with the spirit of wandering, this is the spirit I feel regarding the monstrosity of political- militarian-media-manipulation I assist as a despised spectator this days, I would like the work resistant, open, sensitive and made with the humour and the anger of the headless, yes, there are cardboard half-silhouettes (soldiers) surounding the topography, the work will be a developping from the topography I made into the ‘bataille-exhibition’ for the “bataille monument”, with books and other elements,  the materials are: wood, plastic, paper, printed matter, cardboard, felt-tip, tape, cotton.

T.H. January 2003