“Eye to Eye Subjecter” (2010)

The title of my work must be “Eye to Eye Subjecter”. It is – as all my titles – a title. A title is a title, it’s an affirmation, it’s a fixation, it’s a creation. It’s to name something. It’s “only” the title of the work. The title is not the explanation of the work. I give titles to my works in english, in french and in german, the languages I do speak. Therefore “Eye to Eye Subjecter” cannot be translated.
The meaning of ‘Eye to eye’ is (in german) ‘auf gleicher Augenhöhe’ oder ‘in Augenhöhe’ oder ‘in die Augen schauen’. It’s about two equal sides (destruction and creation).
The word “Subjecter” does not exist, it’s a creation – outcoming of ‘Subject’ (in german) ‘die Sache’ oder ‘das Motif’ oder ‘der Gegenstand’ oder ‘das Thema’. With the use of the word “Subjecter” I wanted to point out that it’s about ‘one’, the one world, the “er” of “Subjecter”. There are not two mannequins (two worlds) or two dresses: it’s one dress, it’s only one world. Therefore “Subjecter”.