• Unfinished Walls is a new work for the whole gallery space. The gallery is field. This means the ground is important. In the different spaces there are complete walls and unfinished walls. These unfinished walls delimit the field. It is a field that is refracted. That is why there are walls, unfinished walls, and fake walls.
  • Unfinished Walls is the field of refraction of text. It is the integrated text by Marcus Steinweg. These texts are about Michel Foucault, who died twenty years ago. His philosophy is refracted. Marcus Steinweg tries to write about this in his texts, which are very important. I will cut out parts of his texts. I will only use the same words, I will refract his texts by copying them, enlarging them, or reducing them.
  • Unfinished Walls the same walls are always in the head!
  • Unfinished Walls is one art work with many different elements: fake walls, real walls, spots, integrated texts, mannequins, heads, wood (to walk on), plastic bags, etc. These elements are the constituting elements of the work. This work is not an institutional work; it is work that is applicable to another space. That is why the entrance as well as the backroom and the passage way are related and occupied by “unfinished walls”.