“WE ARE STILL ALIVE.” is the title and the program of the flag.

I heard these words 4 years ago when I was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada during “fieldwork” for a work at the Remai Modern Museum. In a meeting with a ‘first nation’-leader somebody addressed those words. I loved immediately the simplicity, universality, the derisive tone and the programmatic and affirmative part of those words. The ‘program’ of “WE ARE STILL ALIVE” is to resist, to keep faith, to work ahead – in all circumstances. “WE ARE STILL ALIVE.” is both an affirmation and an encouragement. The ‘program’ of “WE ARE STILL ALIVE.” is to never abandon, never be weakened, never recline – facing harshest opposition. “WE ARE STILL ALIVE” is about the ‘we’, it’s about having a common mission, it’s about staying alive, staying alive for something – here in front of the museum – to stand for art, to accomplish a mission, the mission of art, the mission to DO art, to EXHIBIT art, to DISCUSS art. It is the museum-institution who addresses “WE ARE STILL ALIVE.” to the passerby, to whom who ever will see it, to the entire world. “WE ARE STILL ALIVE.” is directed to the other and it means as well: You are not alone. We, the people who loves ART are alive, we are standing, we are working, we are fighting, we are continuing to believe – you can count on us!

Flag: “We are still alive”, 2020. Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato (Italy)