This is my first concept for my exhibition 1998 in the Chisenhale Gallery, November 1998. I Will accentuate the large space of the gallery by occupying the four corners. The four corners of the gallery will be the “World Corners”. These “World Corners” have tried to radiate in the space; they want to have an influence over the space. Those radiations will be four different power centers of influence that attempt to invade the space and influence the people inside. The four powers are: politics, economics, religion, and culture. Each of these powers has their own a thematic corner. The corner tries to irrigate those in front of it with it’s thematic influence: strong, hard, stupid. In addition, each corner has two other smaller spheres or sattelites of influence: a high corner and a low corner. All four corners will be connected to each other in the space creating tension. The tension comes from the corners and diffuses the energy from there. The corners use simple elements to influence the space, color sheets, videos, fans with floating flags, information material, examples, gadgets, colored neon lights, etc. All these elements attract attention and thus, enlarge the sphere of influence. The high corners will be on a shelf; the low corners will be on the ground. The high corners are the themes of luxury, fashion, art, perfume, etc. The low corners are sports, hobbies, time, leisure activity, family, etc. The four corners (including the high and low corners) will be linked together with aluminun foil attached to poles like telephone poles. I need to bring about half of the different elements from my studio in Paris, but the other half will be made in London. The piece will be directly assembled and installed into the gallery. I will need about a week to complete the work in London. Enclosed is a general plan of my project and a sketch.

Thomas Hirschhorn

May, 1998, Paris